Tak for kommentarer

Tak fordi i læser med, håber i har det skægt eller rørende med læsningen :-)



New Hurikane


time unikon just in the moon

noon jerks hike go speek in june

bee millenium fox se you soon

maybe i can stay in tune


must feel equal whit the queen

all leafes okopie my haardow

trust vunder under the keen

just obelisk queen jear lover low


obey les affar fore endever

vulkan of erotick funky star joy

natkat all of endever of oh never

you unkel went wrong too art boy

never gonna desert oh

know you yoko vert yo

nevs gonna disapear oh

know you yoko gert yo


Sir Loxly

Where leafes sofia

ufo euforiktik union jack come

cum back high fressness some

saw you kissing with begging

in your own tember frog fagging

jeff our quen goes further

next job traveled jounes poem

reef sour clue is thunder

wheer is the fucking snow

my good i am drunking kringte

you vent my soul to greeny fryday

forrest run run run to margurite

your klit is a venus my cock is norway

bermuda triangle go bluss rush

york ships is lewing us alone pike

defendin pretending not to blush

flow like the siox beender hike

fore gods sake all your trimbeling

you must be fake ambitent cligth

glow joji lucky jijie poem sing

amerikan pie is the truth in sigth


Emmelie Fanclub

Kiss me tweise


you cannot find meno feare here

meen just endever funny sunny

mingel jour frostbite singe fuzzy

forever kiss my lipstick howl there


fonky game penny pall

if tusind juecy cares svimming

must tusind orktipus call

your mind fame weares winning


youst kiss me to the bone

i fear to be all call alone

noone need to be too soone

im not youst travelling phone


cardhause of broken whishes

dont wiatel me a trix higgs party

scaar clause of glowken twistels

dont wheel me six trix arty


where are you so funny fresh sunny tadare

you are tunges groowy hunny humbel care

queen sunny jolly tooathbrush see your ace are

you all okay hiding in the gumpy forrest care


Fluxus fox aka mig selv

Soon to the moon

Fluxus fox og eyefix


just mondays high flower orion guide

make pure wingmen flye guide

unkel jenny must grye hide

gryeing bud dju truster high tide


foools eros flaxer nimpus djuis

elektro funny sjus elefant f sjus

soon fender erasmus hush hush

no pfone eat meat heat cruch

go fore ore frog kiss hush


too fall munk ug ug soon find

tell vouended flower soon

flyver flies mind the moon

jear jear yeear year jear yeinks year

got mind plesure pass soon

master unkel jedie send me a spoon


fake some covers

naked boored high flower

only penetrating lovers

tender age in bloom